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nctom(8 nc)May 29, 2007

I have what I think is a Basjoo. It was given to me 2 summers ago when it was about 18 inches tall. It is now around 10 ft tall and has given me 8 more plants that range in height from a couple of feet to 6 feet.

The original plant has flowered and set a lot of fruit in the last couple of weeks. It is the only one that has flowered so far. That said, I read that a Basjoo requires 2 or more plants that are flowering to pollenate. Is that true?

Next..... I was at Home Depot and picked up a Dwarf Cavandish,a Gran Nian and a Zebrina Rojo. Do you think I can get the Dwarf Cavandish and Gran Nian to flower and set fruit here in Zone 7b/8.

Thank you


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The inflorescences produce both male and female flowers but I think the male flowers drop before the female. With more plants that you now have, you're chances of pollination have increased if another plant is flowering at the same time. I believe that you can set fruit without pollination, but that they'll remain undeveloped. Someone else should be able to explain that better.

Yes, definitely to Gran Nain... in about 3 years. It would have to be dug up because they won't survive the winters here. None of my DC have fruited yet.

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Oops, sorry! Female flowers then the male.

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nctom(8 nc)

Thank you Moonie for responding.

I am looking foward to whatever happens.
As I said, i have no idea what my first Banana plant is but it has really been fun to grow. The only let down is when it finally flowered and set fruit it had only been out from under the house for just a few weeks so it looks rough. It would have been nice for it to have flowered last summer when it was beautiful.

Grain Nain, Dwarf Cavendish and the Zebrina Rojo will recieve the same treatment and hopefully in time I'll be rewarded with some bananas.


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