hedge of psuedo japonica or phyl bessetti dwarf

mike1vMay 26, 2008

Hi all, I have grown bamboos for many years in upstate NY, now I have moved to central NC. I would like to plant a hedge out of either Psuedosasa Japonica or phy bessetti (dwarf form). I have grown both, the bissetti as a hedge in ny, and like them both. I was thinking about the japonica for a wonderful hedge but I am concerned it will be in full sun here in NC. Should I be? Also, which one would grow faster if there is much difference, i know bissetti can grow very quick, what about japonica. In NY my japonica was treated badly by the winter so it never truely developed, the bissetti however loved it.

TIA Mike

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Mike, I'd go with the Bissetti in a full sun location, the large leaf japonica tends to stress in full sun here in Md. and prefers a partial shade situation to look its best, good luck.

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nucci60(6 Ma.)

mMike, a little off topic,don't you think Arrow bamboo gets out of control fast? Just spent the morning trying to get rid of it.It started as a one gallon container two springs ago and was now throwing up shoots seven feet from the parent.It was the only runner I planted because I was told it was not very invasive in zone 6.Pretty good looking bamboo though.

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