Growing in zone 7b

michaelgrieff(7B)May 17, 2006

Any know of any hardy bananas trees that will grow good in zone 7b near Charlotte ,I plan to protect them in the mild winters.

Thank you Michael

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fglavin(Knoxville, TN)

Yep. Plenty of hardy bananas for your zone. Most of them you will want to mulch well anyway in the winter. Species bananas are generally (there are exceptions) hardier than fruiting varieties. I'll start with species bananas hardy to your zone.

Musa basjoo (the hardiest)
musella lasiocarpa (extremely tough plant!)
musa mannii (very hardy, but it'll probably never flower for you)
musa sikkimensis
musa itinerans
musa velutina

Some fruiting varieties that are pretty hardy:

Orinoco (Tall and Dwarf).
Raja Puri
Brazilian (tall and dwarf)

All of the fruiting varieties are very iffy in zone 7b, even into zone 8. You must mulch them very well if you want them to come back. Orinoco seems to be the hardiest out there.
There are more, but that's a start. I'm sure I'm leaving something out...

You are probably closer to zone 8 in Charlotte, are you not? I have seen pictures of 20 foot trachycarpus fortunei in Charlotte - a good zone 8a indicator!

Do a Google search on hardy bananas. Musa basjoo will turn up a lot, but you'll find others too. Or use the search feature in this forum - too often people don't. Lots of good information archived here, if you just take the time to look. Good luck!

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tropicalfreak(z10b Ft Lauderdale)

my sister is in asheville...she has a trachycarpus fortunei that made it thru the winter just 3 ft tall...she uses alot of ,mulch and her basjoo is coming up 3 fold this year..was a baby late last summer when i sent it to her....

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