Pruning/new growth questin

sambo725(9)May 3, 2013

My 4year old....old hami is doing great it is about 25ft tall 2.5 dia. My question is the shots from last year are starting to branch out, i like the bottom 6ft of the bamboo plant to be branch free is it bad to break off the new branch growth from the shot?? I do it as soon as i see it starting to grow, so it is still very tender and comes right off with a pinch leaving a clean 6ft bottom to the bamboo..Basically it shows off the size of the bamboo and it still has branches on the top 20ft of the plant

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Mine never has limbs on it's lower culms, at least about 4 feet or so from the ground.

It will not harm it any to remove them. I would do the same.


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