Dead Banana?

kaysbelle(z5IL)May 27, 2009

I overwintered my basjoo with mulch and a tarp, uncovered it the last part of April but nothing has happened. The corm, when I poke it with my finger seems to be firm. The plants (two separate ones) were about six feet tall last year but I think they may be dead. We have had lots of rain the last three weeks so I am wondering - should I just dig them up and replace them or should I wait a while longer. Is there a way to check it - I hate to dig them up and find that they are alive, but.... I am getting impatient. Please share any advice you may have. Thanks.

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Hi Kaysbelle,

I dont thinkthere will be any problem if u dig up the corm, but be careful not to cut the corm. U can dig it out and wash it thoroughly. Prepare the spot u wish to plant it. I read somewhere that Cactus and Palm soil work well for bananas. Maybe this link will help.


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