Black bamboo seeds help!

cricket-13May 22, 2014

I purchased some black bamboo seeds from the internet planted and waited for growth. The picture I posted is what they grew into. They look like grass to me but am unsure. Im not am expert but they don't look like my other sprouts. Can someone please shed some light?

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

It's not bamboo. Either you were given the wrong seeds, or none of the seeds germinated and what you have growing is a stray plant of some other kind. Just for your information, specific kinds of bamboo seeds are rarely available because bamboo only flower at long 20 to 150 years. If you do find seeds available, you need to be sure they are fresh because they lose their viability within several months. Also, since it's generally illegal to import bamboo seeds, if you purchased from a foreign seller you are violating federal regulations with your purchase and such seeds are subject to seizure. Finally, if you do get fresh, legal seeds and are able to grow bamboo from them, it will be at least 5 years before you have a plant that is head high.

My advice is to only buy from seed sources that are within the U.S. and can guarantee that the seeds are fresh. Even better, if you want a specific type of bamboo, buy one as a potted plant.

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