need ID help

jessiann63April 7, 2014

The first photo I think is Amigo, but i'm not sure. Can someone confirm that?

The second photo I have no clue. It's a large flower 7" across and more rounded than the first, and it has a light pink edge around the petals. It also has less white/green in the center. could this also be amigo or something else?

The third photo was purchased as cupido it's 4" and has a dark eye in the center. The pics I seen of cupido are light pink.

The forth photo I just have no clue.


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

My "guesses" - top two are H. Amigo (due to stigma color), #4 is H. Nagano. #3...looks like H. Amigo (there appears to be some variation), but the stigma doesn't seem right. All the photos I see on a "trusty" Google search show solid-colored stigmas, and your #3 looks a bit blotchy. BUMPS on backsides of petals are suggestive of insect damage.

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Here is my Piquant and I guess it looks like Nagano, maybe that is what I have but I always thought it was Piquant, now I'm not sure.


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Here is another shot taken a different year of my supposedly Piquant, now I don't know...

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I seen your pictures of Piquant when doing a search on the forum. So that's what I thought I had because it looks like yours maybe we both have nagano? Let me know if you change the name of yours and i'll name mine the same because they look like twins to me.
I noticed the bumps on the back of #3. I wasn't sure what that was. I don't see any bugs but i'll spray it anyway. Do you really think #3 is amigo also? It looks mini next to the other 2, and it has the dark eye the others don't have.


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Unfortunately, there are many different examples being called H. Amigo on the web (Google images)....If I'm not sure (and I'm not)...put a tag with ? Amigo....until you get a certain ID. Could your #3 be H. Amico??

Emaryllis says "'Nagano' is a medium large orange and white amaryllis that ages to a softer salmon orange. It resembles the more rosy 'Piquant' in terms of coloration."

So...if your bloom is more orangey than rosy...I'd call it H. Nagano.


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I am going to keep mine named Piquant. You on the other hand can choose what to name your hippie child, Piquant or Nagano, the choice is yours!âºâºâº

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I agree with you on #3. after looking at photos Amico is a good match up for that one. So it shall be named Amico.
However #4 I'm still not sure about. After looking at photos I still think Piquant is a better match up. check out this site and look at nagano and piquant and tell me what you think.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)
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