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coop951May 11, 2009


I would love to do a privacy hedge of bamboo in my New Jersey home. It should grow to 10 - 15 feet at max and needs to be cold hardy. I understand that most bamboo roots are very invasive. I need a plant that I can grow 10 feet away from my pool. I do not want to have a problem with roots going into the pool. Does such a plant exist.

I would appreciate help and info on this



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Roots won't grow into your pool, but the rhizomes may.

You can either install a rhizome barrier or do some type of bi-yearly rhizome trimming to keep a running bamboo in check, or you can plant a clumping bamboo that will spread very slowly over many years and will need no rhizome trimming or barrier.


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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

What kind of pool are you referring to? If this is an in-ground concrete pool, this is not an issue as intact concrete is impervious to rhizomes. If it is something else, please provide details so that we can provide you appropriate advice.

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