Bamboo in the hood part II

iain42May 15, 2011

Planted Henon black and robert young Feb 18. We have had some crazy weather in Arkansas. I'm surprised they look as good as they do. The henon seems to be the least hardy but it is coming along.

I'm see lots of new leaves from almost all of the bamboos.

Some black bamboo shoots.

I have a shooting henon but I cheated and bought it at the farmers market for $20. It ha three shoots.

What I was excited about today was a robert young shoot and visible large root.

This growth has exceeded my expectations. I thought It would be next year before I saw shoots or much growth. I credit this to listening to the members of this forum. Thank you so much for the good advice it paid off.

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Unless you want a mixed grove or the tallest species eventually taking over you might want to put down a trench or barrier between each species because they look close enough to intermingle within the 1st growing season.

Anyways as long as you keep them well watered and mulched, they should really fill in next spring after they have spread their rhizomes.

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I'm still concerned about those utility lines overhead. Are they over the bamboo? How high are they? Don't be surprised if the utility companies start pruning your bamboos for you at some point if they even think that they'll touch the lines.

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The power lines are behind the bamboo. The lines going across are for cable tv. If they try to do anything about the bamboo because of those I'll make them move them somewhere else. I drove down the alley and there are trees up in the lines in other areas so I'm not too worried about it. They were will always be more bamboo coming up ;)

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

Congratulations. You're much more successful with that ambitious project than I expected. It's really hard to do big divisions and have them thrive like that, especially when you're new to this.

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Thanks but I'm chalking it up to beginners luck and excellent advice on when and how to dig. I'm really amazed. Next spring should be very interesting

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I have another black bamboo shoot! Incredible.

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