New Goldfinger Banana

bamboomersoonerMay 10, 2007

I just received a Goldfinger banana tree from Stokes Tropicals, arrived in great shape btw. So I planted in a spot where it will get plenty of sunshine and put plenty of peat humus around the root ball of the tree. At this point, do I need to fertilize? How often should I water? (Even though we have been getting a TON of rain lately)

Thanks for any input you all have.

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If it's outside, I would water it at least once a day. The soil likes to be moist not wet. Fertilize it once it has be establized. Once new leaves have appear. I would fertilize it at least once a month, during growing season. Diana55

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cowboyup4christ(Zone 8)

I fertilize every two weeks and water at least once a day if it has not rained. bananas are ferocious feeders when they are growing and need lots of water. however win the winter when they are not growing do not water much at all as they will rot.

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I fertilize my rajapuri once a week and it does great. Stokes tropicals is a great nursery, I got two mail order pitayas there.

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