Does Anyone Know Where In Ny. I Can Get Bamboo?

seattlegirl(6)May 16, 2007

I live in the Buffalo, Ny area and have searched everywhere for Bamboo, does anyone live in Ny or nearby that knows where I can get some?I know I can order it online, but would rather go and pick it up at a nursery. I'm thinking I may have to go into Canada to buy some. Any help would be great. Thanks,, Janet

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bamboo is prohibited for import into the usa in any form - plants,seeds, rhizomes, culms etc so if the border folks are on top of things, you'll lose it at the border, so canada may not be a good idea. feel like driving to detroit? i know of a supplier there but you'd have to go the long way to avoid customs again.

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Further thoughts about where to buy bamboo locally for someone in the WNY area? I, too, am considering my plantings for next spring and would rather not have to have my rhizomes shipped...

Thanks in advance. :)

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EastWest Bamboo Farm & Gardens
14 Yellow City Road
Amenia, NY 12501
914-522-8304 845-373-9020
Anthony Poveromo


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How close are you to Rochester NY? I have a few dozen species.

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