Weid leaf on little pup

scottlk(San Diego)May 29, 2006

This was supposedly a mysore - not sure what it may really be. It started losing the coloration at the end of last summer, but after losing most of the pseudostem this winter the color is back. It's got some extensive squirell damage now too :-(

Anyway - I's growing a weird leaf on one of the pups

Is it just a weird leaf?

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scottlk(San Diego)

Here's the whole plant

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The leaf is bent in half. The top of the leaf is stuck inside but will come out in a few days if it hasn't already. If you get impatient you can gently pull it out.

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I have mysores but none of the leaves are colored like yours. Looks more like my Hawaiian.

I've heard that bananas with red streaks on the leaves are generally plaintains and better for cooking with rather than munching. Is that true?

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tropicalfreak(z10b Ft Lauderdale)

i have also heard this...

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gardenguy_(z6b PA)

Solistice, I did notice that you put "generally plaintains" in your post regarding the red streaks. Tho that could be true, but Super Dwarf Cavendish bananas also have some red streakage in the leafs as well, which I have on mine. Any kind of cavendish isn't a plaintain, but I'm just pointing out anyways.

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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

Most Cavendish types have red markings, though maybe not as much, and are not plantains.

The red markings come from the A or Accuminata strain in a banana's genes. That rules out its' being a BB, BBB, or BBBB type genetic makeup.

Rhino Horn has a lot of red markings when younger.

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scottlk(San Diego)

Well, whatever this guy is it is by far my most cold sensitive banana. It took a beating last winter, and just recently I noticed the base of the stem/into the corm were getting some rot on the main plant. I decided to do surgery to remove the healthy pups and try and remove the corm/stem cancer. It was surpisingly easy for my first time banana-ectomy. Just dug up the clump, washed off the root ball and cut/snapped off the pups. Seemed to go well, we'll see how they do.

The main plant, with another small pup comin up:

It's kids:

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