Kaori Maihime - a winter grower

ben773(5a)April 7, 2014

I have a Kaori Maihime from Komoriya, and according to them, it is a winter growing (growing in Autumn).
Mine leafed out about a month ago, so should I water it and force it to go dormant?
Any advice is appreciated.
Beach Park, IL

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OMG if you are lucky enough to have a Komoroya bulb that wants to grow leaves then by all means let it!! Let it do what it wants, water and let it grow!!


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Hi Donna:
I will let it grow. BTW, I also have a few that just sits.
Examples below:
Piyo-Piyo - Just firmly rooted, no top growth. Bulb is turgid, I even tried to "jiggle" it, won't budge. Hopefully will get top growth this year.
Petit Kaguyahime - No roots and no top growth. Bought it last year. Bulb is still green though.
Bukhasovii hybrid - Just sits for one year, and finally rotted this year.
Only bulb that grows predictably is Festival Pink. Bought last year, 2 leaves all summer. This year, several teeeny offsets and a flower scape beginning to emerge.
All in all, very dissapointing.

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I too have about 5 bulbs that just sit and won't do anything. I recently ( several weeks ago) finally cut the basal plates out of desperation (they didn't really need it) hoping to stimulate some growth and nothing yet. I do however have many bulbs that have rooted and still no leaves. I have many bulbs that have rooted and given me 2 leaves. Two seems to be the magic number for leaves for me. Big long leaves though. A few have bloomed and few are going to bloom.

I'm not going to give up hope just yet though, with spring coming and warmer weather who knows?

I have 2 Piyo-piyos and one is going to bloom very soon and has rooted while the other just sits with no roots. My Orange Feather sat for a year and then just rotted. I could go on and on with a different story about each bulb.


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