transplanting ice cream from Fla to NJ

swflagrdnrMay 6, 2009

On or about May 20 I am driving up to NJ to visit relatives in Essex County. I want to bring up some ice cream bannanas and plant them, to see how they do during the summer up there.

Am I better off bringing up some pups, bare rooted, or should I bring a plant in a pot?

Im driving up from zone 10 so space in our minivan is at a premium - the plant(s) will have to be small ones.

Also, summers in NJ are usually dry and humid, with little rain fall but the sun is nowhere near as bright as here in Fla. Any advice on watering needs up there? Down here, I pretty much let the summer rains take care of them.

Any advice?

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Bananas grow pretty fast in NJ. As for transportation I would bring the pups bare root and cover them with moist paper towels. This is only if the air conditioning will be on in the car at all times. If you are going to be staying at a hotel along the way, then your car may get hot while your gone and then you would need to bring them in a pot.

In NJ you will need to keep ice cream bananas in a pot and because of this they need more water. Some people like to plant them in the ground and take them out every fall, but a pot is much easier for storage. Ice cream bananas can grow as much as 6-7 feet in a single summer along NJ if they are watered once every 2 days and given good soil.

Juts before first frost the easiest way to store bananas are to cut off all their leaves leaving a stalk. You can take them out of the pot if nessesary and you can even leave them on the floor giving them no water throught its winter indoors. Then in April you can take them back outside. When the days start to get really warm it will re-grow new leaves. Eventually they can flower even in NJ, but not unless they are in a big pot and are over 10 feet tall.

Good luck

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