What is the fastest banana seed ?

topher2006May 13, 2008

just wondering..

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My veluntina took forever to sprout.

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

The fastest banana seed can travel at 8 miles per hour :)

In general I read seeds can take one to six months to sprout and that it may depend on the variety as well as how fresh the seeds are.

I planted esete seeds last year and the first sprouted in 3 weeks, the second maybe in six weeks, and the third after a few months. That left two that didn't sprout.

I planted musa basjoo seeds and one seems to be sprouting every month for the past few months. That leaves quite a few unsprouted though.

I have musa sikkimensis seeds where none have sprouted after 3 months.

My problem is I usually forget to keep watering the pots I have the seeds in, so they probably go from moist to drought dry, back to moist.


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