Fish emulsion -- where to get it?

bananafanMay 10, 2007

I heard people applying fish emulsion to their banana trees. I'd like to try that on mine. Where should I buy the stuff and in what manner and frequency should I apply it to the bananas? For those of you who are using it, what are some of the differenes you've observed in your bananas?

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I'm from Canada, so I don't know where you would buy it except I do know that Walmart carries it. I give my Banana's about 2 tablespoons per gallon of water, about once a month. They love it!!! It makes them grow, and grow, and grow!!! Only give it to them when they are in the growing stages. Spring, Summer, Fall. Diana55 P.S...Buy the organic Fish Emulsion, the other one can burn your plants. Oh and it stinks, but you can buy the non smelling one. Give it to all your plants, even the ones in the house. They will love you for it.

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Thanks, Diana55. Just wondering if the health food stores would sell it too. I hope I can get the one that doesn't smell because what I'm afraid of is attracting raccoons or cats into my yard. I think they love stinky stuff, don't they?

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I found it at the hardward store. It is Alaskan Fish Emulsion. This was my first week applying it and even though it said deodorized - it really stunk for a day. I thought it would make my dog go crazy, but it didn't. I hope it's the miracle banana food it's supposed to be!!!

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Alaskan makes a liquid (mostly N) and pelletized also (7-7-2?) they both work great.


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Julesmom and red sea me,

I found my Alaskan fish emulsion today at Walmart for $5.94
in a 2 lb bottle, although the bigger bottle (10 lb) is more worth it. They also come in pellets form. I decided to try on the small bottle because I really didn't like the smell at all, but if it does its job, then maybe it's worth it.

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Do you use this in addition to slow release and/or MiracleGro??? Just once a month....would be tough for me lol. Btw, I noticed Mier's sells it - a very small bottle...

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I find Neptunes Harvest to have the best quality Fish Fertilizer.

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personally I mix things up, use slow release, liquids, manures, compost, etc. at various times, even mixed together. Supposedly you cannot over feed a banana so long as it is growing. If you are concerned about using it consitantly, start off with milder dosage and work your way up.


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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

I found some Alaskan fish fertilizer on clearance at Lowes for 1.74 a bottle (reg price is around 6.00 I think) earlier this season so I got several and boy do they stink. One leaked in the garage and dh had a fit LOL! oops! Most things I put it on liked it. The mandevilleas go crazy with blooms if you use it as a foliar spray (very diluted of course).

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Bamatufa(7 - Trussville, AL)

Stinky stuff. You would be brave to use it for your house plants but the smell brings up fond memories for me of being on the fishing docks during vacation. Like you all, I just started using it and interested how well it works.

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An easy way to fertilize your bananas with fish emulsion is to use a miracle grow bottle feeder system. All you have to is empty the contents that came in the feeder bottle and replace it with 1/2 water 1/2 fish emulsion. The cap on the bottles can easily be remove used a DULL table knife. I have run the numbers and this will give a mix of about 5ml per 1 litre of water. Now you can fertilize large areas without using a watering can! Awesome eh!

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thistle5(z7 VA)

I use the Neptune's Harvest Fish Fertilizer & Seaweed Fertilizer. The kids hate it when I use the fish emulsion on the orchids, because it does stink for a few days. I rotate things, too, organic fertilizer, messenger, slow release organics like planttone & kelp meal, miracle gro as a foliar feed on tropicals, dahlias, anything that needs a boost...

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bananasdotorg(S Fla 10b)

I use Maxicrop Liquid fish and I also use their liquid seaweed, link below:

Here is a link that might be useful: Maxicrop Liquid Fish

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Great invention, Banana fun. I'm going to get one today and try it out. Thanks for the idea. So, how are your bananas doing after the fish emulsion? Would be nice if you have some pix to shares.

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ooops ... to share, I mean.

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Any advice on using Fish emulsion on a Ae Ae?

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Alaskan is now making this in a powdered version that works in all non-clog containers, like the miracle-gro one, that hook to your hose. After you put it on the smell goes away in about a day. My dog will eat the powder if I don't put it out of her way but she won't touch the liquid. No problem with flies or other critters being attracted to it either. I'm in Galveston. Reminds me of the beach.
Tally HO!

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