Bambusa oldhamii in half barrels

antinousMay 11, 2008

I've grown B. oldhamii in the ground here in Palm Springs, where it gets up into the 120s with 2% humidity. It did really well in my last garden, going from 5 to 25 feet in its first year. I moved to a second floor condo and I'm growing four of them in half whiskey barrels. So far, they seem quite happy and have sent out a few 3/4" culms. Anybody know how big they'll get in a half barrel under optimal conditions?

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I've got some 24-footers in 14 inch pots. So yours may get really huge, but you can always cut them to size.


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Thats really interesting..I got a 3 gallon one that I planted into a pot that is about 6 gallons. I am curious to see how big it gets during the summer growing season here in 8a. Im really just experimenting with it here in South Carolina.

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I still have these in the same pots, but they really need transplanting. They can barely make it a full day without watering, so I water in the morning before I leave, and again in the evening. I keep them under a tree in the shade.

I will be planting some in a 25 gallon tub to see how large it will get.


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Kt, wow that is tall for such a small container.


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fluffy_bamboo(Zone 9)

Kt, what kind of material are your pots made out of? I have Oldhammi that is about 20 in a heavy plastic pot and some of the rizones have busted through. I am going to have to plant them into something else or find a place in the ground. Yours are beautiful.

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Both are in plastic containers. One is a 14-inch pot from Walmart which is wider at the top then at the bottom which helps prevent it from splitting.

The other is a black garden nursery pot and it is now split down one side.

I had plans to move these out to the country and plant them in the ground, but I need a trailer...I might get a ticket with 18-foot culms sticking off the back of my pickup truck:)

I may put them in larger, 25-gallon pots.


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Cool. I was hoping that they would get to at least twenty feet. I need the shade. It was already 107° today. Thanks for the help.

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