Grass invading my bananas

uniquetanner(7)June 24, 2014

I have about 7 baby banana trees that have popped up from where I had some last year. They are doing great, but my grass is invading them. I had an area for them, but these are growing outside of that area, and I am trying to keep it cleaned up, but its kind of tough. Is there anything I can do to kill the grass that is surrounding these banana plants, or is my only option getting down on my knees and pulling it all out by hand? which I don't really wanna do.
I am zone 7

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rednofl(9b Goldenrod Fl hz 10)

I use roundup or durazone around mine and it never seems to be a problem.
.Just be careful and dont get too close , beware of the overspray and be careful if the bananas are small... Once the grass is dead I give it a nice pile of compost and EWC .

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