frangipaniaz(z9 Az)June 27, 2005

Anybody here ever grow dahlias?? I got a "tuberish looking thing" from a nursery awhile ago and it's growing and happy looking... it even has to flower buds on it... is it too late and too hot for it to bloom?? If anyone can give me care advice as well that would be helpful.


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tomatofreak(Z9 Phx USA)

Good luck, Brittany. If it were in my yard, I'd be kissing it goodbye! No luck with dahlias here...

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About 3 yrs ago I spent a small FORTUNE on Dahlias :( The colors were incredible! Once the blooms were gone they got spindly and ugly and never bloomed again :(

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AzDesertRat(AZ 8b Sunset 12)

I am sort of interested here because my sister's name is Dalia (different spelling-same meaning). It would be nice to see if they would grow here.

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Dahlias won't grow in the Phoenix metro area, even in a greenhouse. It just gets too hot.


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Carrie_AZ(9/10 AZ)

I was going to say, how in the heck you got the thing to grow in the heat. It would be a crispy thing in my area. I love dahlias, but I have only had luck with them when I buy in a four inch pot and it is already blooming. Where do you have it in shade or sun, outside, inside??

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frangipaniaz(z9 Az)

It gets a decent amount of sun... but gets late afternoon shade... it's a small bush... it came in one of those Lowes' packs with gladiolas and other things... I wanted the glads because they were purple (and they are still trying to bloom as well)... I knew the dahlia shouldn't grow here but again, the glads were beautiful... I was shocked myself... just seeing the bud on there made me hope it would follow through... I'll keep you all updated... any more suggestions (or constructive criticism) is welcome :)

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Dahlia's are my favorite flower and I have been attempting to grow them in the Phoenix Area for 3 years without any success. I would gladly purchase them in a pot already growing if I could find them, and replace them as needed. Any suggestions?

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