Transplant advice- mature Fargesia grove

laf1107June 4, 2014

I plan to transplant part of a friend's mature small grove of 12' Fargesia Robusta, here in Seattle, this Friday- I have a 2' x 7' x3' deep pit all dug, where I want to move it to (maybe we were a little gung ho on the depth..). I will have a sawzall for cutting out basketball-size chunks of bamboo, for moving.

A few questions-
The middle of the grove is quite dense. Should I cut off culms above the ground, so I end up with 5 canes/so per basketball-sized chunk, to reduce transplant shock? If I do this, should I cut the larger or smaller culms? Should I try to transplant it in smaller chunks, 2 or 3 culms, to give it more room to spread out, and reduce its current density? I, like everyone else, hope for an "instant" privacy screen. Any other transplant tips are most welcome :-)

Thank you so much for helping out a newbie!

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