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larry_joliet(5)June 2, 2009

I wanted to know if anyone around Joliet or any towns close by had a local place that they bought plants? I have one Basjoo and was possible looking for another. I know someone told me that Menard's had them last year, and I looked and looked and they didn't have them this year. Also maybe another one for the house.


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fr8train(4 Wyoming)

Joliet Illinois? They sell basjoo (though not in the best shape) at a nursury in Tinley Park called "ted's greenhouse." If you google search that you'll get their website which has their address.

Lowes in Naperville was also selling basjoo last year, but I have not seen any there this year.

Which menard's was selling it btw?

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Yes Joliet,Illinois. It was the Menard's in Joliet on Jefferson. Same as Lowes, I was there a few times and didn't see any. My roommate told me about them so like 2-3 days later we went to go get one and they were all gone. I will have to look up Ted's and stop there sometime. I wounder why if Lowes and Menard's both sold them and they went....why they didn't get them again???
Oh well, I guess I will just deal with the small one I have and keep looking

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