Gold Finger, How long to fruit?

grow_power(9 CA, SF Bay)June 23, 2014

Anyone growing musa goldfinger? I planted some 3 gallons last summer, and now they are just a bit taller than 5 feet. We don't have the optimal growing situation here for fruiting bananas, but these guys seem to be doing ok, although I was hoping they would be taller by now. Can anyone tell me how long they take before flowering and setting fruit? There are quite a few pups growing too.

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Cant tell you when,I just planted Ice Cream banana's out. But I can tell you..they do best in your hottest locations. There's a reason the largest and tallest banana plants seem to be along driveways in the Bay Area- between the house wall and concrete or asphalt surface. That's another half zones worth of heat.

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I have a goldfinger in Scottsdale, now abut 6 - 7 feet. grew 3 feet this summer. As long as the temp remains above 57 degrees or so they will continue growing, that is why I planted them next to the house. According to the literature If I can keep some growth continuing over the winter, they will fruit by next late summer, About 15 months.

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