My Bamboo is in BAAAAAD Shape...Help me!!!

bambooinpainJune 19, 2007

Hi everyone...I am hoping someone can help me. I live in a high rise in San Francisco facing directly west. My deck gets direct sun from 1pm to 8pm right now, and lots of wind.

I recently purchased a 5-gallon Golden Bamboo, and transferred it to a 15 gallon pot. It has been a month, and I don't know if I am overwatering or underwatering. I have attached links to a few pictures...hopefully someone can tell me what is going on. The local garden center told me the Golden Bamboo would be quite happy on my deck :(

Right now, I am watering it about every 3 days...should I be soaking it? I am watering it like all my other plants...when the soil feels dry...

Any help is appreciated!

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You will need to water it more frequently for a while as it goes through transplant shock. Also it may be experiencing more full sun than it was getting before. I try to keep my new transplants a little moist until they get adjusted to their new digs.

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bamboobubba(z7 AR)

It looks to me like your boo is wind damaged, young boo does not like wind, and by the condition of the leaves, they look like they have been in a steady wind. Also, when it needs water the leaves curl up, and too much water, they become brown on the edges. Keep the soil moist but not wet, and try to shelter the plant til it gets more mature.

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Thanks for the tips!!!

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