Slow Growth?

bananers(Zone 9)June 15, 2006


Ok,a couple last question about my Pisang Raja and I promise to leave you all alone...

It seems to be doing well and is putting out a new leaf every week and a half to two weeks (which seems kind of slow?) it is now on its 8th leaf but is not getting any taller...its at about 3 feet or just under. Is there something I should be doing? It seems healthy but isn't growing anywhere near the rates I read about.

Maybe I am over or under feeding it?

I have put about a 1-2 inch layer of manure over the top of it(I might add more?but am afraid of burning it along with the feedings?)and have been feeding it every 5 days,one week with 2 gallons Fish Emulsion and the next week about 5-6 tablespoons of 16-16-16 and miracle grow in between.

I am going to buying some Liquid Seaweed for my other plants and was thinking about throwing some of it into the mix of feeding for my Banana as well.

Seems like a good feeding routine,at least to me?

I'm really finicky about this plant as it is my first time and I really want it to do well.

Thank you

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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

As long as it is putting out healthy leaves, you are on track. There is a difference between fast growing and intantaneous gratification. Be patient.

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Pitanga, do you consider a leaf a week normal growth?

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gardenguy_(z6b PA)

A leaf a week is VERY normal! That's pretty good in my book.

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bananers(Zone 9)

Thanks pitangadiego,
Patience is something I haven't really grasped yet on plants but I am learning.

I did find out where all my plants energy was going...I now am a proud owner of a pup.
Its weird that my plant is producing one already since it is still so small.
The pup is about an inch high right now and about 2 inches from the base. I nearly missed it when I was looking the plant over.
Now I need to figure out what to do with it?
How many pups do bananas usually produce?

Also the new leaf my main plant is producing is huge,it looks so funny compared to the other leaves and the size of the plant.
The main trunk(?) of the plant is starting to curve over as well.Is there something I should do to try and straighten it or should I just let it be?

Thanks for all the help it is most appreciated

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bananers(Zone 9)

Also is it ok to keep feeding/fertilizing my plant the same as I have been doing with the new pup and maybe soon to be other pups?

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