Can bamboo and clematis grow together?

KimberlyAdelia(3B)June 3, 2013

I just recently acquired a running bamboo Phyllostachys aureosulcata harbin inversa, which I planted in a raised planter box.
Yes I know I'm going to have to keep a sharp eye on this fast growing runner raised bed or not. I was wondering once the grove is more mature can I plant clematis to grow with the bamboo, or is this a bad idea?

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Bamboo grows pretty much with anything. The biggest problem would be if the bamboo blocks out too much light for the clematis, but otherwise, there should be no problem as long as you care for them..


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I think you're kidding yourself if you think you will be able to contain a running bamboo in that container. Even if you used a 60mil poly, it's intended use is underground where the weight of the surrounding soil helps it to drive rhizomes deep.

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I intend to get the rysome barrier. I kinda figured that the box would be a one season only fix.
The problem is my soil is very rocky. As in nothing but rocks. It's going to be fun digging down to get the rysome barrier installed. I had to get the plants in the ground before they got sick.
I'm also in Zone 3b, though we have pretty mild winters for the most part we can get a week where the temp can dip below -30C . So anything I don't protect with a deep layer of mulch might not survive

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Unless you find some way to heat that box, I think the bamboos won't survive -30C.

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Although Calgary is classed as zone 3b we actually have very mild winters. It's usually only a couple days where it will dip below -20 or greater. The place I bought them from said these are hardy to -32.
I'm going to burry them in thick mulch in fall. If they survive to next season I'm going to dig around the box for the rysome barrier.

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