Yellowing Leaves on Hibiscus

sharonlf(z10 AZ)June 4, 2006

I have been having occasional problems with yellowing leaves on my hibiscus. I have five of them planted in a row. The two that are partly shaded don't get many yellowed leaves but the other three get several. A couple of weeks ago I read a tip on adding 1 cup of vinegar to one gallon of water to help this and other acid loving plants. You just apply it to the soil at the base of the plant. You do NOT pour it on the leaves. It actually worked...and pretty quickly! I was really happily surprised. All my hibiscus are now nice and green and the yellow leaves are gone. I just thought I'd pass the tip along in case anyone else was having that problem.

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azsweets(z9 AZ)

Hey, thanks for the great tip with the hibiscus, Mine have small and yellow leaves and I always thought it was a watering problem, I'll be sure to try this one! thanks

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sharonlf(z10 AZ)

I hope it works for you as well as it did for me. My hibiscus are now greener than they've ever been.

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CSemerad(8b PHX)

Try used coffee grounds also. Starbuck's gives them away.

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Over water you get yellow leaves and it will drop buds. Under water you get leave burn and wilting. The pinks and yellows like morning sun and afternoon shade and don't do well with reflected heat. Red can usually take the heat. The one thing they all have in common is they like moist soil but not wet feet. Soak them in the early morning and resist the temptation to water at night even if they look wilted. They will usualy will perk back up in the evening. When you have pots a moisture/light meter combo is a great tool.

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Sharon thanks for the tip on the vinegar! So how often do you water with this vinegar/water mixture?
aka Garbonzobeenz

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Hi Sharon, thanks for the vinegar tip, but can you tell me whether you use the ordinary brown malt variety or the clear distilled. I am English and we have the 2 different types and I am not sure what you have in America. Also, how often would you use the liquid.

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Hi, Sharon! The reason that vinegar works is because it keeps the pH of the soil at or about 7.0 which is where it must be in order for any fertilizer to work. Until I read your vinegar idea I treated my yellow leave with Miracid and Ironite. Ironite is still a good idea, follow instructions on the bag, or bottle. I have clay soil which is always 8.0 or above, alkaline soil. Using something acidic to lower the pH is needed for the plant to utilize any fertilizer that you put on. Water is alkaline also, usually, so less is best.

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Has anyone else used the vinegar mixture? Did it work?

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my hibiscus is potted and indoors. it gets brown tips on greeen leaves and then they turn yellow. Any idea what this could be? would the vinegar work? what strength should it be mixed for a potted plant?

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cheon57(Sunset 12/13)

I live just NW of metro PHX and so am in the open desert.
What variety of Hibiscus is it? I have a Lilac Hibiscus that is from Austraila and a Crown of Bohemia and they are nothing alike. The Lilac was yellowing and as soon as I quit watering and moved it into more sun it got very happy. It was flowering when I got it at Lowes and has continued to do so for a month with no signs of letting up. The other one didn't fare well over the winter but is coming back nicely. Both are in 15 gallon landscape pots which will be placed in holes still in pots as the weather warms. They were both placed in these pots over the last week. Is there a need for me to worry about feeding right away or will they be ok in fresh potting soil for the summer?

Note: everything I have growing is potted at this time as gophers are a major problem and poisons are not an option.

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Do you know what kind of Hibiscus it is? I just moved to a house that has five plants throughout the yard with small leaves and smaller red flowers. However, I bought another hibiscus at Ace with leaves that are much larger....wondering if the vinegar trick will work on either of them.

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I purchased a new hibiscus (rosa-sinensis). I got a light colored pot and replanted it when I got home. It sits in direct sun light on the back deck. It was doing fine until I started to notice the leave were yellowing. At first I thought I was over watering it and stopped. Then it looked dry so I gave it more water. I it has a mass of blooms, just yellow leaves that are dripping off. I am trying the vinegar idea. How long should it take to se some results? Any other ideas?

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Thanks for the info. I have one hibiscus that I transplanted last October and it still have not produced one leaf, but it is still very much alive. My other two just started producing leaves so maybe the vinegar will help.

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