HELP looking for web site to buy my first banana

smittee(central florida)June 8, 2007

I live in florida...I am sure after reading the first page of this forum I might be able to grow one....or 2 or

I need some education on growing them and where to buy them. I just moved from Washington state.

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right_coaster(NC Zone 8)

If you live in Florida, I would suggest going to a local nursury, I wouldn't think you would have a problem finding one.

Otherwise, check out I haven't ever bought from them, but it has been posted on this forum that they were the best on-line shop to purchase bananas.

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funsocaltiger(SoCal - 9b / 19)

In Florida bananas will be very easy to find for you at any nursery, HD, Lowes, etc. For about the same price the plants you get in the store will come to you much much bigger than what you can get shipped (3 ft or so versus 8 inches).

If you want to get a specific variety that may be harder. I ordered mine from GreenEarth and the quality was excellent.

Here is a link that might be useful: GreenEarth

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hello how are you.i have the perfect web sites for you to try and my number one pick is

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I agree with funsocaltiger about the local ones being bigger than what you get from those mail order ones. I haven't ordered anything through the mail yet, although I've heard some good reports from those who do. I find buying from the local stores allow me to poke around with the plants, check if they're healthy and finally take my pick. I usually scout for them at Home Depot, Lowe's, Walmart and even K-mart. Plus some other local nurseries if they happen to sell them. You'll most likely find Cavendish variety (whether it's the tall, dwarf or superdwarf specie). Occasionally, you may get something nice. I got my Kru from HD, Zebrina from Walmart. One Walmart also had some Basjoo. One thing nice with shopping locally is if you find something wrong with the plants, you can almost always bring them back for a refund. I brought one of the diseased cavendish back to K-mart one day and they took back their plant. Talking about diseased plants, make sure you look out for smelly juice oozing out from the pseudostem. It's a sign of virus infection. If you are just starting, you may find Cavendish a good one to start out with because they're the most easily available ones and fairly cold tolerate too although there was one winter when one of mine died. However, the corm didn't really die. The following spring, it had a new plant. Choose some more disease and cold tolerant ones to avoid some heartaches. I haven't planted them long enough to know for sure, but Ice Cream, Praying Hands and Manzano seem to be quite hardy. Hope you find something you like to plant soon. Once you start planting, you'll never want to stop. Welcome to banana addiction.

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Im in NY and order mine from They are from Florida as well. Shipped nice plants to me.


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smittee Since you're in central fla you might want to visit Rockledge Gardens in Rockledge. Just south of Coco bch off I95.

So stop fallin' off the couch and go get some nanners. As you are a newbie to tropicals I highly recommend Goldfinger and Dwarf Orinoco. These are my most robust plants. They like zone 9b alot.

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nucci60(6 Ma.)

I would advise against ty ty. ask on this forum about their reputation.

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I can endorse Stokes Tropicals. My last shipment was especially well assembled. The critical thing, in my opinion, is shipping the plant in its original pot with the roots and medium intact. My costus and cryptanthus are still alive and well. Minimal transplant shock.

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