want a banana tree

james378June 11, 2006

I just purchased my first new home and never had a place where I tought I could grow plants now I do and want to get started. So would anyone be interested in helping me get started.

Thank you

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Ebay, is a great place to get a Banana Plant, usually they include Instructions, with the Plant! Good Luck!!

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Thanks Frank never tought of that.


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Visit your local Lowe's or similar home improvement store. The plant/garden sections often carry dwarf Cavendish or other bananas, and small ones (which grow fast outdoors) are inexpensive.

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I had great luck on Ebay, with a seller from Texas (gardeningdeb2345). I ordered seven musa basjoo in February and they came through the mail looking great. They're planted outside now and doing well so far. They were $6 a piece if I remember correctly.

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I would also suggest riding around your town and see if anyone else has bananas. If you find someone with them I'm sure that they would be glad to share a couple. I give them away frequently but I make the people promise to dig them up and store them over the winter. If they do that then they will still have bananas next year. If they don't and they come back the next year wanting another then I know they have not caught the banana fever and I respectfully tell them that I don't have any extra. So, ride around and you may be surprised. You also could contact Stokes Tropicals.

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