I have extra chicks!

tracydr(9b)June 28, 2011

If anyone is interested in a few laying hens, I ordered from a hatchery and had to get 25 to make an order. I really only want about ten. I have some extra Americaunas I'd like to sell. They are beautifully colored and will lay blue eggs. They are all female chicks. I'm raising them without antibiotics and they get fresh greens daily. They've just been moved outside,with a fan to stay comfortable. They are two weeks old.

I'm selling them for four dollars apiece.

I also have a couple of bantam rooster chicks that are 6 weeks old. One is a lovely blue Cochin bantam and another silver duckwing old english. They are $5.00 and are tiny roosters, about 1 1/2 pounds adult weight.

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I wish I could but the last time I spoke to my wife about bringing home a couple of young chicks it did not go over so well.lol

Seriously though we would have chickens but our HOA would have a cow. The CC&R's stipulate "No farm animals allowed." Lucky for us pigeons and rabbits are not considered farm animals.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mammoth Red Mangels

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I am just loving the colors on this batch. I got buttercups, Egyptian fayoumis, golden penciled hamburgs, silver leghorns and the ameicausnas. Looks like a bunch of fancy quail and other wild birds running in a dock. They are the fanciest colored chicks!
I believe I have three bantam roosters for anyone wanting a midget rooster. I have two silver duck wing old English and a blue Cochin. I'll probably keep the red old English since that's my husband's favorite color.
For those unfamiliar with the old English bantams, they are very, very tiny. I used to have one that was so little he could only make a partial crowing noise. But, they are very feisty little guys and very fun to watch.
Thissime- I'm so glad I don't live in an HOA! This is the first time since I was an adult that I've lived in a city. I've always had peafowl, guineas, chickens, cows,sometimes sheep, ducks and all sorts of other livestock.
I love peafowl and guineas but the flyin, screaming but that wouldn't go over well in the city. Can you imagine what people would think if they saw a 25 pound peacock land in their roof and screaming like a woman?

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So glad I picked all these heat tolerant breeds! I can't understand what my local feed store is thinking ordering all those northern and British breeds. They have to just be miserable here in the summer heat.

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crista(Sunset 13)

Oh man, I am soooo tempted. I need to get my chicken tractor built and am thinking I should get it built soon so I can buy some chickens from you!

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There's a kid at my feed store who is building my coop for a great price and he's fast. He does just about whatever you ask, if you're interested. I also have the most gorgeous Blue D'Uccle Bantam Rooster for sale. He he's such a rare and beautiful color.

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Crista, what breeds are you interested in?

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Correction on the bantam rooster. This is really interesting. He's actually a lavender D'Uccle. Very unusual and beautiful bird. I kept trying to identify him because he just didn't have the fluffy, "low-rider" look of a Cochin but the feathered feet were throwing me off. The color is very unique and beautiful, too. I've never seen one before and had a very hard time even finding a picture. The Mille Fleur D'Uccle is the more commonly seen color, although even that is a very rare breed, which I've never actually seen.
He'd make quite a a lawn pet.
I wish I had a few hens for him, I'd keep him. If I don't find him a home, I may try to find him a couple of girlfriends.

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crista(Sunset 13)

Tracy, I'm not really sure what breed I'm looking for. I'd like a few hens that would lay eggs every couple of days and be happy in a chicken tractor that will be moved around my backyard during the day. The chicken tractor I have plans for is 6x3, built like a doghouse but raised a couple of feet off the ground so that the fenced in, shade area is underneath the roosting/nesting/doghouse lookng area. The hens will have shade all day, but I'm wanting a breed that is smaller rather than larger due to space constraints, can tolerate our heat and will be happy living as pets. What do you think?

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Here's what I would not get. I would not get Boff Orphingtons, Cochins or any other breed that is heavily feathered and "cold hardy". The breeds that are developed in the mediterrean and Asian countries and game breeds are much more tolerant of heat. I love the Old English game Banties but of course, they lay itty, bitty tiny eggs. Great pets, though.
For egg layers, the naked necks are very heat tolerant. I actually kind of wish I'd gotten them again, as they are a great, dual purpose chicken and lay a huge brown egg. I used to have them when I lived in Southern OK. The white faced black Spanish, Americauna, any of the leghorns. A lot of the heritage breeds from warmer parts of the world. Some of the lighter breeds are flightier but with good handling will be fine. Although, the Egytian Fayoumis chicks that I have may prove me wrong. They are almost like raising a wild bird, like pheasant or partridge. But, I've heard they are probably the wildest breed there is.
I'd suggest going to Backyard Chickens Forum and browsing through the breed index, there is a ton of information on every breed you can imagine.

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Crista- have you ever seen an Old English Game Bantam? Take a look at them. They are just the sweetest little chickens and for a little yard pet, could be perfect. Don't let the name fool you, they are very sweet. For a bigger egg layer, but still not too big, maybe an Easter Egger? I'm trying them for the first time, so I don't have a lot of experience with them but they seem nice I also really like the Golden Penciled Hamburgs and they are turning out to be the prettiest chicks.
I'd say the Silver Leghorns but I'm not so sure about their temperaments, yet. Ive heard they can be flighty. I only have two leghorn chicks so it's hard to tell. My Egyptian Fayoumi chicks are nuts! The Buttercups seem pretty nice and very small.

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