Magnolias in Phoenix environs?

tomatofreak(Z9 Phx USA)June 21, 2005

Hey, I'm just starting this thread because the topic sort of got lost in another one, "What NOT to buy.." Easy posted a picture of a "Jane Magnolia" that has *pink* blooms. I'm only used to the classic Southern magnolia since I'm from the Magnolia State, MS. Saw lots of those beautiful trees in San Diego with their huge creamy-white fragrant blooms. So, who's got, or going to get, or just wants, a Magnolia? If you've got one, how's it doing? How big is it? How much do you *love* this tree?

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One of my garden members planted this tree too close to their pool and its cracked the cool deck. The tree is tall!

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Easygoing(Sunset zone 13)

As I stated in the other post. I have the Jayne Magnolia. So far it is doing very well. It is one of the smaller Magnolia's. Like many of my plants I'm pot testing it in it's first year. I received it bareroot, in May, so didn't think it wise to sun test it right off the bat ;) It does get dappled sunlight all day long, and is doing wonderfully well. This fall I will move it out into the sun, then leave it there in a pot through to hot summer next year. If it does well, I'm going to plant that puppy in the ground. It gets wonderfully fragrant pink blossoms. They are very fragrant. It is classified more as a shrub than a tree, so I'm thinking i will train it into a smaller multi trunk tree. I know, I know...always another project! ;)


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Zill(z9 AZ)

If anyone is familiar with Phoenix College grounds, they have a magnificent old mag growing just north of the Hannelly Center, with great blooms every June. There used to be one by the east cafeteria ramp, but it became diseased and was removed. And there may still be one to the north of John Paul Theatre. They seem to grow really slow here.

PC has some nice plantings, and I've been trying to get them, for years, to do labels, with the eventual goal of applying for arboratum status. (sigh) They also have a very nice ginko tree to the north of C Building.


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tomatofreak(Z9 Phx USA)

Easy, I'm now fascinated with your tree. "Very fragrant" appeals to me. I have too much stuff that looks pretty, but when I stick my nose in, there's no smell. That and the fact that it is small would seem to make it an ideal landscape tree. I hope yours does well; keep us posted. And where, BTW, did you get it?

Does anyone else have a Jayne Magnolia?

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Easygoing(Sunset zone 13)

Hi TF,

96% of my plants come of EBay, and that is where I got this. There is so much better selection there than here locally. All I've seen here locally are the Southern Magnolia's and they just get to large. I wouldn't have had the room to put one of those in my yard. =) I did find the following link to order it in a 1 gallon pot.

I think I paid $7.95 for mine bareroot. The link below provides detailed info on this Magnolia. You will note thta it states it is one of the toughest!

Here is a link that might be useful: Jane Magnolia

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Easygoing(Sunset zone 13)

I should also point out that there are zone discrepencies on this one. Some say zone 7, some say zone 8, and some say zone 9. I can tall you that in the last two days it has not shown any stress at all at 112 degrees F.


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jmccon2(Z9 Phoenix AZ~z9 Phoenix AZ)

How is your Magnolia tree doing now? I'm seriously craving a magnolia tree....

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

These are beautiful trees. We has a southern magnolia in our front yard when we lived in S. Louisiana (zn 9b). It spread out and took up half the yard. It was gorgeous. Just dont put it by any sewer or water pipes. Our tree's roots invaded the sewer pipes and we had to redo them. In LA they had a lot of shallow roots near the top of the soil line perhaps because it rains so much in LA. Maybe the roots would go deeper here to seek out water. Also there is alot of litter from the flower pods/cones to deal with. I would still grow it again though because the flowers are gorgeous and smell heavenly. The japanese (pink) magnolias stay smaller I think, and some are fragrant. Don't know about the root systems but would keep them away from water pipes too. I recently saw some type of yellow butterfly magnolia tree that looks pretty. I always figured magnolias liked moist, acidic soil but I guess if people can grow camelias and azeleas here they can grow magnolias too.

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jmccon2(Z9 Phoenix AZ~z9 Phoenix AZ)

I purchased a Southern Magnolia from Moon Valley Nursery and it should be planted tomorrow!

The reps there told me because of our heat that the tree will grow very slowly and only reach approx. a max of 15' across.

Since the tree is guaranteed for a year, I went ahead and took a chance.

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