rhyzome barrier

southlatropicalJune 15, 2007

I work in maintenance at a distribution center. I have access to used rubber conveyor belts that are 36" wide and very long. Is there any reason I could'nt save myself a ton of money and use the conveyor belt for a root barrier? Is there a reliable epoxy that people are using to join root barriers at the seams? Also can a large Rubbermaid trash can buried in the ground be used for a root barrier?



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fluffy_bamboo(Zone 9)

I am not an expert but I think it might work. If the rubber is thick and will hold up and not crack. Make sure that the seam is closed good. I have heard that some people use duct tape, glue and screws with bolts. I would think that a rubbermaid trash can would work if you cut the bottom off so that the drainage is good. Some of the others probably know better than I do. I bought the thicker of the 36" barrier for the bamboo that I have in the ground.

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As for the plastic container working, I wouldn't trust it. Over time, the plastic may crack or disintegrate leaving the rhizomes to travel where they please.

Same for the rubber belt. But I am no expert. I think it depends on your soil conditions and if it's caustic to the plastic and rubber. I'd also wonder about the rubber and plastic leaching out toxins into the soil possibly damaging your bamboo. Again, I don't know for sure.

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I have decided to controll the p. nigra with rhyzome pruning, and regular mowing around the area, which is boarderd on one side by my concrete driveway. Thanks for all the advice.

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