Dying Chilean Mesquite

cleezJune 19, 2008

HI, it has been 1 1/2 years since these tress (Chilean Mesquite)have been in the ground. then last summer we were out of town for 4 months and the people watching the trees put the irrigation on for 4 hrs a time 3 times a day and the trees have 4 one gallon immitters on them. needless to say the trees were very happy and very big. Then the winter came and i cut back the water for a deep watering once a week. during the winter i notice the trees dying. can this be a case of over watering then a total shock for the trees to stop the watering and they die. or do you think root rot set in?

Out of 60 trees i lost 10 at the same time!

Any one have any idea?

here are some picks.


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It's hard to say for certain from just a picture. I will say that frequent shallow watering will cause the absorbing roots to stay near the surface leaving them susceptible to drying out when the watering schedule is changed or temps increase. Based on the fact that Mesquites, in general, can survive on the natural amount of rainfall that occurs in the desert these trees were given more water than they 'needed'. Is root rot possible? Yes. Could the roots have been stressed when you changed the irrigation? Possibly. The trees could also be planted too deeply. The link I included is a fantastic website for irrigation advice.

Here is a link that might be useful: Irrigation guidelines

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