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ray_loveJune 5, 2008

hey guys

So its finally going to break 80 here starting tomorrow. My questions is a few things. One how do I go about Moving a Dawarf cavendish outside as well as a Super Dawarf cavendish? Also do i need to change my watering Patterns? Also is the temsp are going to drop off again should I still leave it out. Lets say nighttime temps pf 60 and day time of 70-75? The one plant is about 3 feet high the other about 6 inches to a foot. I don't want to loose either plant.


Ray in Ontario

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

put them outdoors in a sheltered spot for about a week. Out of wind and out of sun, like inside a fenced enclosure, etc. to get those leaves toughened up. then out into more sun. Of course your watering schedule is going to change depending on the sun/wind exposure. More sun/more wind outdoors will usually end up needing more water. But since they've been inside and it's cool inside, it could be just the opposite at the first when you put them out.
Night temps of 60 are plenty warm enough for a banana. After they've been acclimated to outdoors, most can handle 45 with no damage.

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