New leaves with black edges - Help Please

chassyJune 17, 2008

Hey all!

I'm actually growing my basjoo up here near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. :) This year it is in a pot, but next year I intend to plant it in the ground. I'll pull out and bring it in in the winter since it can get as low as -31F here (-35C).

I'm noticing a problem with my plant and hope someone can help me out. The leaves on my plant... even fairly new leaves are developing some black edges. Black like soot. I'm wondering if it's leaf rot or something because even some of the larger pups that it's produced (3) have started showing it too.

I wonder if it's too much water. It's rained a few days here and I've just left it outside. We had a warm spell a week ago, 86F with humidex in the low 100F, but it has since cooled back down to high 60's, low 70's. Maybe the water just isn't evaporating fast enough?

Anything you can let me know would be apprecaited! Thanks for such a great forum. I'm really enjoying growing bananas and hope my pups do well so I can have a few more next year!

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Since it's in a pot, I think it's possible that your banana might have been soaking in water--especially if the pot is sitting on a drainer dish that collects water. If it's in the ground, it would make the difference as far as better drainage is concerned even if it rains frequently. If the plant is sitting in water, this means the possibility of the plant getting rotten. If the black spots are kind of mushy, they most certainly are rotting parts. You can still save your plant if you remove the drainer. Try also to remove the rotting plant parts. If the black spots are mainly on the edges, just trimming them off with a pair of scissors will help. Check also on the pseudostem for rot. If there's any mushy layers, just peel them off. But, again, without looking at your plant, I cannot be sure if it's any other stuff that causes your banana to have black spots and I can only respond to your post as far as my own experience goes. Maybe you'll hear something else from the others here. Hope you'll find out soon what to do with your banana.

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