flopping P Nuda

KookaburraoneJune 4, 2014

I have an 8 yr old grove of P nuda in western PA.culms up to 1" and up to 16' tall. Have the winter kill problem others have mentioned but good new growth. Question rgardslarge percentage of shoots floppping over. Lack of water ? Silica? Worst near edge of grove

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I can't help, but I have some P. vivax that I planted last year, and it died back to the ground like your nuda -- in my case I'm assuming just because it's an immature stand, but maybe it was the hard winter -- and the new culms are very floppy, too.

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The stand is.very healthy. Plenty of new shoots and looking good. I cut out a huge number of older culms early. I am just curious about the ones that flop over. I get plenty most years that are killed or misshapen by late frosts but this seems to be a dietary problem.

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