Need a 8'-10' clumping variety

jpkarnezis(8)June 2, 2008

Hello there, searching for an 8 to 10' clumping variety of bamboo that does well in the Portland area. Backyard is partially shaded. Looking for a variety that produces tall thick stalks. Want to harvest them and use as fenceposts and tomato stakes. Very new to Bamboo, any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.


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Hi.. when you say 8 to 10 feet, is that tall or wide?

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How thick do you want the culms to be?


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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

There are many bamboo that will do well in the Portland area. However, if you are talking about a clumper that only gets 10' tall, it will not have thick culms (perhaps 1/2"-3/4"). Also, a single clumper will not produce many new culms for a couple of years, and will not produce huge numbers at any time. What exactly are your requirements for culm size and numbers?

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