The Perfect Flower: Bogota

dondelduxApril 7, 2014

Bogota is one of my all time favorites!! Four perfect symmetrically shaped flowers on a 15" scape with 4 leaves that grew before she bloomed, who could ask for anything more!?

I have some seedlings from last year of Bogota x Sweet Lilian, Bogota x Clown and Bogota x Pink Panther all growing well. This year I might try Exotic Star and possibly papilio if I have enough pollen left. Unfortunately I never keep records of what I try and what fails so I may end up making the same mistakes two years in a row Oh well....


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I love this one to Donna. it's a new one for me this year. I'm trying some crosses but it's not rooted yet so i'm not sure i'll have any success. I did Bogota x Papilio, Bogota x self, Bogota x red pearl, and Bogota x NOID red and white. It's to soon to tell if any are gonna take.


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Very nice Donna! Since cybister-type hippes are evergreen, do you water them year round and give them plenty of heat? Do the leaves look ragged after a while?

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I let all my plants decide for themselves whether or not they want to be evergreen, most of them always keep at least a few leaves through the winter, about 20% will loose them all.

I water them all much less in the winter (except for those up in the house in warm sunny windows) and truthfully, I can't really say that the leaves get more straggly they seem to be pretty content with themselves, but with papilio I've noticed that the leaves are now getting quite ragged, hopefully that means I might get some flowers in the near future!

As for heat, they get whatever the temperature is in our furnace room which is in the low 60's or a little cooler most of the winter. They don't get a choice!
Sorry I couldn't be more help with your question.


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Thanks Donna.
Bottom line, listen to what the plants want.

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Very nice, one of my favourites, and a top class choice for hybrids, as the Bogota features always seem to shine through

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I have pollinated my four flowers and I almost hated to do it as the flowers have now degraded and I'm hoping that a few of the crosses have taken. I have done Party Pooper, paplio, Exotic Star and Evening Butterfly, we shall see...


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