urgent help!! rose plant leaves turning brown

adi_az_gwJune 16, 2014

Hello All,

My rose plant leaves are turning brown and I need to rescue it. Attached is the picture. Can one of you knowledgeable people guide me how to fix this?


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The plan has been fertilized a week ago with Scotts Roses and Bloom fertilizer

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MaryMcP Zone 8b - Phx AZ

Could be fertilizer burn. Did you water first, then add ferts, then water again? Is it a powder fert? With ferts, more is NOT better. Counter-intuitive, I know.

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I think the brown was there even before I added the fertilizer. The fertilizer is in granules. I did water after adding fertilizer.

Can it be due to lack of enough water in the AZ hot summer?

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Looks like salt burn to me.

Since you didn't say wherein AZ you live might I suggest googling rose society meeting and the name of your city to see if a group of rose enthusiasts exist for their advice.

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Go to the rose forum.(above) Post the same picture and you will receive a answer on the rose site. The bloggers there are very knowledgeable and I use them all the time.
Looks just plain burnt from the sun to me.

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