banana tree

nbutler5(z9 Indian Rocks, FL)June 28, 2006

This is a pic from the roof of my place, the banana tree is about 20' tall & the other day I noticed several bunches of bananas growing off a "shoot" (?) I don't know anything about bananas, only that this one is spreading, there's five 6' "babys" around it - can anyone tell me what kind of tree it is? My housemates that have lived there awhile told me it hasn't produced fruit in years & they think when it did the fruit was baby red bananas that were very sweet. Thanks!

~ irbnate

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IMO, it's not a red Variety. I see no red anywhere on that plant. Some very young Banana fruits do have a redish color to them before they turn green and eventually ripen to a yellow color so maybe that's what they saw. Close up pictures of the flowers would be a big help in identifying it.

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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

Closeup picture of the flowers, and a picture of the trunk would help.

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