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houstonpat(9a)April 24, 2010

It may sound kinda strange... If I know what a bulb looks like, and I want it to increase in size ASAP would it help to cut the scape off as soon as it emerges from the bulb? My thinking is: it would just save all that energy.

The first pic is of an unidentified plant. A friend brought me the bulb from a Bangkok marketplace.

This is a cross between 'Exotica' and 'Yellow Pioneer'. Well, I can see why yellows are hard to produce.

This is a cross between H. papilio and H. johnsonii. Of this seed batch this appears to have carried the johnsonii genes to the greatest extent. I provide no protection to this cross during the winter. True, we are in the south but we did have a couple light snows, and a min. temp of 22F with below freezing temp for 40hrs.

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Does the last one have 7 petals or is it an illusion, and how many petals are on the other flowers on this scape?
The one from the Bangkok marketplace is very nice, and, its't it nice when you plant a bunch of the same bulbs in one pot!!

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cindeea(FtMyers 10)

Pat, those are exceptional even the yellow cross. I love the path Moher natre takes sometimes. You know nothing in nature is "perfect". I tend to like the abstract anyway. And that DOES look like 7 petals, Donna!

I am hoping the Johnsonii crosses I made this season take. It is so interesting to see what happens.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

I like the bulb from the friend. Don't see lots of change in the Exotica. I've tried to introduce some yellows...guess we'll see next year when/if they bloom. The Papilio xJohnsonii cross is "interesting". Not a lot of Papilio influence...that top center petal is odd! The 7 petals are even "odder"...literally!

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Jan Sword

First one looks alot like Voodoo but looks much redder.

Love both crosses.

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Jan Sword

Looks different in comparison.

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Hey y'all are pretty good... that's why I like this site.
I've been workin long hours and outta town alot. So, I'm a little blurry. I didn't notice the 7 petals. That anomally occured on 3 of 4 flowers on the scape. Interesting.
I consider the 'Exotica' cross similar to the cultivar. A little larger and more loosly held. Equally of weak constitution of both.
The pot of bulbs from Thailand was derived from a single bulb 5 or 6 years ago.

No one took on the question of removing the scape to increase bulb size. ?

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Jan Sword

Pat, I am far from being an expert but it does make sence to to me to remove flowers to increase the bulb size. I think you can put the bulbs in a larger pot and give more food weak solution weekly to increse the bulb size faster.
Just my 2 cents.


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