Bamboo Planting Depth Question

Bamboo_KenJune 7, 2011


I just dug up some giant green running bamboo from my mother's yard. Not sure of the variety, but it was about 40' tall and thicker than a coke can. I am transplanting it to my yard.

Once I had the root ball out, it measured about 24 inches from the bottom of the culm to the bottom of the roots.

Problem: When I dug the hole in my yard, I could only get down about 16 inches before hitting bedrock (a porous limestone).

Question: Do I chisel down into the bedrock to make room for the roots, or do I trim the roots to fit the hole. Or do I leave it as is and mound the dirt up around the exposed crown of the roots? I was worried that cutting the roots would set it back a season.

thanks in advance!

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

First, you want to make sure the roots are moist/wet right now. That's a very big transplant and the possibility of shock and/or plant death is significant. You also do not want to remove any more root structure as that will make survival chances worse. Trying to chip down into rock -- besides being a lot of work -- means that the bamboo will have a lessened opportunity to get nutrients and get rooted. If you must plant it in that location, definitely plant it in a large mound...and for a bamboo that size, I would aim for a mound at least 10 feet in diameter. After you get it planted, make sure to stabilize it with three stakes and some twine/rope for several months. Otherwise the wind will continue to blow it over. The advantage of planting in a mound is that it will be easier to rhizome prune and keep the bamboo contained to where you want it in the future. I've found that mounded bamboo rhizomes tend to be closer to the surface, and break the ground closer to the main plant.

Good luck, and don't be surprised if you have a lot of leaf drooping and/or loss. It's always difficult to transplant a bamboo which is that large.

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