Anyone growing Musa 'Burmese Blue'?

bananaman1(9, Houston)June 4, 2007

Does anyone have experience growing M. 'Burmese Blue'? I've got one that I purchased off of E-bay that is doing pretty well in the ground. It came in about a 3"-4" pot and was about 6" tall at the most. It has been in the ground for close to two months now and seems to be doing fairly well.

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I too am growing M. Burmese Blue and I also bought mine on e-bay along with 10 or so others during my January planting fever. It's doing extremly well in a bed with the others and fertilized with seasoned horse manure and mulched with wood chips. Give them lots of water and stand back, as they say. I am also growing Giant Nepal's and Abysinnians from seed. There's a frustrating hobby that requires a lot of patients. I bought a Siam Red from a fellow and it's doing fairly well, too.

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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

I have had one for three-four years. Barely survives winter in San Diego, with coldest temp of 38 deg.

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bananaman1(9, Houston)

Anyone had theirs fruit yet? Mine did well inintially, but I've noticed a few leaves turning yellow when I feel like I'm giving it plenty of water (same regimine as all my other bananas). Sometimes it looks a little wilted as well, but it is still alive and growing...just not as robust and vigorous as some bananas I've seen. Looking forward to it fruiting though. Maybe next year if I'm lucky!

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I know that none of my musa or ensete's will tolerate full sun here. They get only morning sun or they go into a wilt stage then a 'I'm goin' to die' stage as the leaves burn. I almost lost several of them that way.
Too much fertilizer (miracle gro) will burn them, too. I'm hoping for fruit within the next year or so, but this is my first time with banana's and have a lot to learn.
Good luck,

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