experience with Arizona Cypress?

hotdrysunnyJune 18, 2010

In a fit of enthusiasm, I joined the Arbor day foundation and for the low, low price of my $10 membership fee - they are sending me 10 bare-root AZ cypress trees. I'm assuming I'll get the trees sometime in the late Fall for planting - the website seems to suggest they'll come in mid-November. So now I need some advice!

Has anyone had experience with:

1) planting bare root trees out here, and/or

2) AZ cypress in general

I have lots of room for trees so $10 for 10 trees was an offer I couldn't pass up!

any recommendations as to best planting locations? Are the roots invasive? Anything else I should know?

thanks in advance!

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Growth Habits: Evergreen tree, up to 40 feet tall (12 m), 20 feet spread (6 m)!!!!!

Watering Needs: Very little to no water when established (2 to 3 years after planting)

Needs full sun.

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Arizona Cypress
Zone (Sunset) 3A, 3B, 10, 12, 13
Genus/species Cupressus arizonica
Family Cupressaceae
Species characteristics
Size: 40' - 50' x 20' x 25'
Leaves: Gray green, scalelike
Bark: Dark brown
Fruit: Smooth cone

Comments/tree care:
Tall pyramidal form
Fast growth rate
Heat and drought tolerant once established
Use as focal or accent plant

Here is a link that might be useful: Arizona Cypress

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Thank you - I did look them up at the website you linked to (as well as several others, Sunset WGB, etc. ) before I bought them - I was just hoping someone had *personal* experience with them.

I don't know that I've seen any in Phoenix so I was just wondering how they did here in our special little spot on the surface of the sun . . :-)

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It's a medium to large mature tree, very useful for windbreaks, shading pastures, or privacy screens on large properties. Many of the "juniper" you see between Phoenix and the mountains are really this tree.

It's way too big for almost any of my clients.

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Oh thank you lg - I've got about 3/4 of an acre with not much on it except some mesquite trees so a few cypress here and there would be a good addition - and now I know exactly which tree you're talking about!

thanks so much

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softmentor(z9/sunset13 CA desert)

It's also listed as a windbreak tree, which is how I have seen most of it planted that I've seen.
the most common problem with bare root is letting the root dry out. Even 30 minutes in the air and sun while fiddling around planting can cause serious harm. The plants you get will likely be tiny, so minutes will seem like hours. Have everything ready with moist back fill soil and water standing by before you take them out of the packaging. also plant them soon after receiving them as they will not stay moist in the packaging long.
I responded to the same offer, and opted for the Creep Myrtle instead. The plants were about 8 inches long including the roots. I planted them in pots first and put them out the following season. All are in my yard and blooming right now -smiles his jolly smile-

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I have planted several....and the poor things didn't make it. I think I had given them too much shade? So here are my thoughts...give them space, give them sun, and when you plant, water it the first several weeks like you would any new plant....and then water infrequently....but the key is sun and when established, not too much watering.

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softmentor - I was a little bummed because they only offered 2 trees for my zone - the cypress and another evergreen. No mesquite - which I thought was odd. I'll definitely pamper them when I plant!

rohrerbot - thanks for the warning, I have plenty of sun-filled areas - it's the watering that's going to be the big issue for me.

thanks both of you!

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zzini - the arbor usually sends extremely TINY plants. Maybe just pot them up in 5-gallon buckets for a while and set them out when they have grown a bit.

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Also received the 10 Arizona Cypress from Arbor Day and planted them in a dry well-drained location. They were all dead inside of 2-3 weeks as the roots were small and the ground dried out between waterings. From that experience on I've put everything from Arbor Day into 5 gal pots first, placed in partial sun, and watered every other day. Once trees have grown 6-12" in pots, I found that the roots were reaching the edges of the pots and then they were transplanted out with good success.

I've grown somewhere around 100 Arizona Cypress over the last 5 years, both from seeds to transplants. They seem to like around 18-30" of rainfall best but will survive in areas with less and more. At higher elevations they get by on less rainfall. In higher rainfall areas they must be planted in well-drained spots. They are adaptable to most soils. Average height around Waco, Tx is 30-50' depending on site. A very nice conifer for hot dry areas. Good luck with yours.

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