Fertilizers and Sun q's.

ms_minnamouse(7a)June 14, 2006

Right now I have my Rajapuri, Super dwarf cavendish and dwarf red in pots from over wintering them. I grew them outside last year but they were in the wrong spot and I want to do it right this year.

My first question is, what fertilizer numbers should I be using? I'm NOT growing these guys for foliage.

Also, I had them in part shade last year. Right now they're in full sun but it's not that hot yet, in the 80's. It can get to the 100's every day in the summer. How much shade should I plant them in? The only place I have part sun for them is by the woods and it's hard to get the hose out there.

Okay, I forgot one other question. My Rajapuri doesn't have it's grandmother stem yet but it's a couple of feet tall. Is that normal?

And my dwarf cavendish has three stems, when should I seperate the third or do I even have to unless it gets fairly large?


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shiollie(z5 MI)

It has been a week since you posted and no one has answered so I will give it a shot.
For fertilizer, any balanced one will do ie: 30-30-30.

Sun is fine for these guys.. they love it, you will just have to water more.
I know nothing about the rajapuri.. sorry.
Your DC can be seperated when the pup gets about 1/2 the size of the parent plant. Hope that helps.

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laterita(7b Holland (dr))

Sorry for the late answer.
Bananas can be grown in full sun if there's plenty of water and the plants are fairly large. Pups like some shade. You can plant them in full sun and use a shadow-curtain, used for glasshouses, if it's too hot.
I grow the smaller plants in 30% shadow.
If you don't grow them for foliage, like I do as well, I should use a fertiliser with more K. Ex: 10-5-25.

What do you mean by: "it's grandmother stem" ?


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I dunno, I read that term some one. I guess it would be more aptly named mother stem/plant, which I think it is.

How hot is too hot?

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laterita(7b Holland (dr))

Too hot: the leaves fold together and bend over. Then the plant cannot take up enough water to keep the leaves up.
If you move them to more shadow (or give them more shadow), the leaves will come back in their normal position.

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