rajapuri questions

lee466June 6, 2007

I overwintered a rajapuri, and it has no leaves now because of the leaves rotting, and today i've noticed a split about halfway up the pseudostem, and I looked inside the split and it has a buldge that looks like a flower, I just planted it outside today, and it has no suckers, so can it still fruit, and produce suckers, it is small about 3 feet in hight, it was about 4 feet before the leaves rotted off.


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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

It is probably flowering, and choking as well. Leave it alone. You cannot fix or change it. See very bottom of page at http://webebananas.com/bvar-T-Z.html for pix.

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Thanks, I'll leave it alone and see what happens.

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