when is this basjoo gonna soar?

nucci60(6 Ma.)June 4, 2006

HI, everyone. got a great basjoo off ebay. all leaves were cut except the leading frond. it has been in the ground two weeks and just lying there. we have had some warm days, but a lot of cool rainy days. the leaf looks like itis trying to open, but the very tip is now black. does it need a lot of hot weather totake off? it is about 28 inches tall. thanks! save my banana, please!

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Be patient. Do not water until the leaves do start growing. Cool and rainy is not good; if you can at all shelter it from the water would be helpful.
It has been warm here, but my basjoos only just started growing recently. I would have thought they'd be going a bit sooner, and these were established plants. Patience rewarded :)


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nucci60(6 Ma.)

thanks seahorse,I will try to protect it if it starts raining again

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