Help with banana plants

estarke81June 16, 2014

The first 2 pics are new bananas I planted a few weeks ago. Do they look ok?? The leaves look like they are wilting. They are getting plenty of water. The ground is clay and kind of crappy.

These have been in the ground for 2 years and this is what grew back after the winter. They look like maybe a different species then the 1st 2 pics.

These are my old 1s that grew like crazy in the clay, but i had to dig them up every winter. I got tired of digging them up so I got cold hardy 1s to replace them.

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They look good to me. Might need some fertilizer and too much sun. How often do you water them? Mine do they same but it gets into upper 90s around this time. Next month into the 100s.

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