Miss Lemon

dondelduxApril 5, 2014

My Miss Lemon is blooming and I am very pleased with her flowers. They are a good size and a nice soft lemon yellow.

I am however not pleased with the looks of this stem !!

Have any of you seen this before? I wrote to Komoriya a few days ago asking what this could be and what I should do about it and have received no reply as of today. The stem is not soft and it doesn't appear to be rotting but I have quarantined Miss Lemon until I see what her leaves look like.

I also have a Piyo-piyo about to bloom and another scape on my Lemon Gold both with normal scapes.


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Lucky you... Blooms on those bulbs. I have some scapes, but the bulbs from early last year still have no roots! I don't know what to do about them!! I love the yellows, Donna. You've picked some nice ones.

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Hi Donna,

I hope that you receive a reply later today. It's 8:35 on Monday morning in Japan now.



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Hi Donna,
That's beautiful. Does it have only 2 flowers? My Piyo-piyo is finally beginning to open so I hope to be posting photos soon.

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There were only 2 flowers but they had a great shape and they were at least 5 inches across.

I just received a reply from Komoiya Nurseries and they state that it can't be virus because they have their glasshouses checked regularly but did apologize for any inconvenience and are going to send me a replacement bulb later next week. They did not however give any explanation for the strange marking on the stem.They have been very fair with me so far and I appreciate it.

Next to bloom is Piyo piyo and a second scape on Lemon Gold. My first scape appeared 11 months ago and then it grew some roots but still no leaves! I'm sure after this second booming I might finally see some leaves.(??)


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That's a real beauty. I love the shape. I hope your replacement bulb will be even better.


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