Banana Fruiting

rnb0015(z7 TX)June 1, 2006

I have a banana that is flowering and has one set of hands. I read on a website that the banana won't fruit any more. Is this true? It also doesn't have any leaves or pups coming up. So did I get a one shot deal? lol



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rnb0015(z7 TX)

Forgot to say that it did have a pup on it when we bought it (it was bare root) but it hasn't came up yet.


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hitexplanter(8 a)

The stalk that is fruiting will not produce again. That is a one time thing but when you cut this bunch off cut that stalk back to the base and let two or no more than three new (pups) stalks come back up and each will have the potential to produce another bunch of bananas. I had about 10 varieties at my fruit tree nursery in Hawaii. Been 10 years now since I have got my machete black with banana sap. That stuff stains everything including all clothing so wear old clothes when working with your naners:)
Enjoy David a garden center manager at Canyon Lake

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rnb0015(z7 TX)

Thanks so much for the help!

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