Musa Basjoo in Z6

mikeinmo(Z6 MO)June 16, 2007

Now that it is finally hot in Missouri, my potted Basjoo is finally putting out some leaves. I still have not attempted to put them in the ground yet.

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i dont know if the basjoo can actually survive in the ground during the winter, but i heard that it can survive in the ground down to 3degrees below zero and up to 20 degrees below zero with protective mulching....good luck

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Great photos. I wonder how big a plant that size will get this year?

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lynn_d(Z5 PA)

This makes 3 winters for mine, in the ground in zone 5. Just to be safe I keep one huge pot going but so far so good! Each fall I cut it back, cover well with leaves and mulch, invert a large pot over it and put a rock on the pot. In spring I remove the pot, once I see the growth starting I remove the mulch.

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nucci60(6 Ma.)

mikeinmo, what do you do with it in winter, keep it in the pot and let it go dormant?

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